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Bluebrands marketing services


If it is a new brand or a relaunch, we work directly with the  responsible teams through project groups or workshops.

We analyse the competition and set the new brand/relaunch into a strong and outstanding position in the current and future market. Then we work out the true brand essence to build up the right strategy.


The services like product, price, place and promotion will be mixed in the ideal and most attractive combination for your business. Create new brand names, their design and protection is one of our specialities. Followed by the brand spheres like industry sector, trade, POS, fairs, exhibitions, media, internet, customer world and public.


Last but not least - our passion and experience to work for your brand will be the best asset for your sustainable growing sales.

Logo design

Bluebrands design services


We take great passion and pride to helping you develop the right logo for your business or idea. We care about brand value and brand history and implement the evolution of your corporate design to modernise your logo.

Our competence includes:

- Logo design

- Packaging design

- Design adaptions

- Web design

 The success of a company is how it treats its history. And that reflects in the design as well. 

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